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I put this website together to give you a simple place to find my content, links, and information. At each iteration, I try to enrich its content and simplify its form.

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My daughter is born ❤️. My current schedule focuses on being with/caring for her and my wife.

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Design & Strategy lead/manager with +10 years of experience across industries, from opportunity framing to implementation.
Driving research initiatives at different product stages, from problem framing to discovery, validation, and refinement. Focused on innovation-oriented products for Personal Financial Management and other undisclosed topics.
Leading product/service design and strategy/innovation projects for Samsung, Natura&Co, Grupo Globo, Facebook, Itaú, Saint-Gobain, GSK, Klabin, Iconic, Novo Nordisk, Sonae Sierra Brasil, and more.
2020.03 - 2020.11
Business Design Director at Fjord
Strategy & Design consultancy, part of Accenture Song
2018.12 - 2020.02
Innovation Lead & Manager at INSITUM
Strategy & Design consultancy, acquired by Accenture Song
2015.01 - 2018.11
Freelance Strategy/Innovation/Design lead at INSITUM, Mandalah Conscious Innovation, Continuum, and more
Strategy & Design consultancies
2011.02 - 2014.12
Business Designer at Symnetics
Business & Strategy consultancy
For previous positions, linkedin.
2018.09 - Present
Lectures on Design & Behavioral Economics at FIA Business School
2015.05 - Present
Talks/Lectures/Mentorship at open and in-company initiatives/events
highlighted by peers/leaders throughout the years
Uncovering customer needs, pain points, and market opportunities to design better, more relevant products.
Outlining underlying/overarching principles behind a problem and developing valid courses of action.
Experience in diverse industries (fintech, cosmetics, media, social media, education, and more), products (app, web, and physical), services (product-service ecosystem, behavioral nudging, in-store experience, and more), and customer profiles (B2C, B2B, internal/employees).
Collaborating with people from multiple backgrounds (design, strategy, business, marketing, sales, customer support, engineering, etc.) and diverse levels (junior to C-level).
by relevance
Continuous learning (reading, online courses, etc.): Product management, Design, Strategy, Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Leadership
2014.10 - 2016.06
2004.02 - 2009.07
Design Management & Innovation of Meanings at Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Executive Education
Short intensive course
Art Direction at CUCA School for Creatives
Short intensive course
2013.02 - 2013.03
Product & Italian Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano
Short intensive course
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Max Yogoro [photo by Gabriela Oliveira]

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