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10+ years of experience across industries, helping companies create products, businesses, and better teams. Professor. Father. Videomaking hobbyist.

⏳ What I'm doing now & Updates

Dedicating most weekdays to business, design, and product consultancy for tech, financial, and FMCG companies.
Spending productive and unproductive time with my wife and daughter.
Editing videos for fun.
Website updates
New UX/UI.
Updated/simplified information about me.
Added personal videos.
Added curated content to previous list on Influence and Design assets/tools.
Added a list of products/services I use for work.

🤝 About me

Me as a strategy & design professional
+10 years of experience:
  • across industries building products, and new businesses;
  • on the consultancy and the company side;
  • including IC/expert, manager/leader, and professor/mentor roles.
Companies I have collaborated with include Nubank, Pinterest, PicPay, Samsung, Natura &Co, Nestlé, Grupo Globo, Meta, Itaú, Saint-Gobain, GSK, Klabin, Iconic, Novo Nordisk, Sonae Sierra Brasil, and more.
I helped companies solve challenges like:
  • Defining a product, service, business, or strategy to fit clients/customers and business needs and aspirations.
  • Building customer-driven competitive advantages.
  • Developing internal competencies and processes for better products and more effective collaboration.
The central subjects of my experience and background are strategy, business modeling, design, product management, behavioral sciences, and complexity.
Peers and leaders have consistently complimented me on:
  • Outlining the underlying and overarching principles behind a problem and developing valid courses of action.
  • Being able to navigate diverse industries (fintech, cosmetics, media, social media, education, and more), products (app, web, and physical), services (product–service ecosystem, behavioral nudging, in-store experience, etc.), and customer profiles (B2C, B2B, internal/employees)
  • Collaborating with people from multiple backgrounds (design, strategy, business, marketing, sales, customer support, engineering, etc.) and diverse levels (junior to C-level).
  • Uncovering customer needs, pain points, and market opportunities to create better, more relevant products.
  • Mentoring.
2022.07 → Present
Freelance project leader and IC
With Strategy & Design consultancies
2018.12 → 2020.11
Business Design Director at Fjord
Strategy & Design consultancy, part of Accenture Song
Innovation Lead & Manager at INSITUM
Strategy & Design consultancy, acquired by Accenture Song
2015.01 → 2018.11
Freelance project leader and IC
With Strategy & Design consultancies
2011.02 → 2014.12
Business Designer at Symnetics
Business & Strategy consultancy
My LinkedIn includes previous positions
2015.05 → Present
Talks/Lectures/Mentorship at public and in-company initiatives/events
2018.09 → Present
Lectures on Design & Behavioral Economics at FIA Business School
by relevance
Product management, Design, Strategy, Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Leadership
Continuous learning (reading, online courses, etc.)
2014.10 → 2016.06
2004.02 → 2009.07
Design Management & Innovation of Meanings at Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Executive Education
Short intensive course
Art Direction at CUCA School for Creatives
Short intensive course
2013.02 → 2013.03
Product & Italian Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano
Short intensive course
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🤔 Why this website is the way it is

  • Made to be an organized hub for content. It is not an online resume or an algorithm-led feed. You'll find professional and personal content. Over the past +10 years, almost all my clients and work opportunities have come from referrals, so promoting myself professionally is secondary on this website.
  • Made to be alive. I add/update content from time to time.‍
  • Made with optimal simplicity in mind. This website should be relevant, straightforward, and easy to navigate while being, whenever possible, subtly joyful.