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I love making videos - to share insights/ideas and for fun.


Using my life as a raw material for storytelling.
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Out 2022


What would you build?
Sep 2022

To make poetry you only need...

one thing.
Mar 2022

No spoilers for this one

May 2021


If you can't throw a wedding party and gather your loved ones due to the pandemic, you deliver the wedding. The surprise thing was beautifully unnecessary.

o tal negócio

o tal negócio was produced to present ideas, stories, and projects directly from the people who created them. Sincere and generous conversations. On youtube.
I put it on hold once the pandemic started.
Feb 2018

Andre Penha [QuintoAndar]

André Penha, QuintoAndar founder and CTO, talks about creating services and experiences that matter, going against consensus and the hard side of making a startup work.

Oct 2018

Ana Holanda [Vida Simples]

Ana Holanda, editor-in-chie at Vida Simples magazine, writer, teacher and ambassador for The School of Life in Brazil, has a real chat about writing from the inside out, depth in everyday life, finding ourselves and more.

May 2018

Santiago Fossatti [Kaszek Ventures]

Santiago Fossatti, partner at Kaszek Ventures, talks about about good teams, challenges startups face, focus and more.

Mar 2018

Ana Fontes [RME]

Ana Fontes, founder of Rede Mulher Empreendedora and winner of many awards, talks for real about creating something much bigger, dealing with other people opinions, and sincere and effective entrepreneurship.

Dec 2017

Heloísa Neves [WeFab]

Heloisa Neves, Brazilian leading expert on the maker movement and its connection with the corporate universe, talks about materializing ideas, maker entrepreneurship, colorful rooms and post-its, good blogs and more.

Nov 2017

Mari Marcílio [Pluvi.on]

Real talk about purpose, entrepreneurship, being a maker, being a woman in the tech ecossystem, a good book and more. :)

Apr 2018

Peter Kronstrøm [CIFS]

Peter Kronstrøm, Head of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in Latin America, talks for real about how organizations and professionals can handle the  future plurality, the importance of imagination training and how to act in the present.

Nov 2018

Rafael Marchesano [part 2]

[Part 2] Real talk about startup, corporate venture, why just a good product is not enough, how to be a much better entrepreneur and more. :)

Mar 2018

Leo Rapini

Leo Rapini, who supports creatives and artists in their professional career, talks about integrating our personal, artistic and professional facets, how to unleash creativity and how to find your own voice.

Nov 2018

Rafael Marchesano [part 1]

[Part 2] Real talk about startup, corporate venture, why just a good product is not enough, how to be a much better entrepreneur and more. :)


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